My Eyes Have Seen the Light!!

Sophia Loren once said, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”  The eyes can project how you feel and also speak for you.  A quick glance can be provocative, making eye contact with someone grabs their attention or how rolling your eyes say’s “Whatever”.

The eyes are very vocal and we can pronunciate that by dressing then up.  One way of dressing up your eyes is with eyeliner.   Worn for thousands of years, eyeliner has one of the oldest of cosmetic histories. Eyeliner has been worn since 10,000 BC; with records showing that is was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Eyeliner1I’ll admit that when I think of eyeliner, it is hard not to think of Cleopatra. Famed for her rather exciting love affairs with two of the greatest powers in Ancient Rome and her captivating beauty, she knew how to make an impact.  And her biggest beauty style? Heavily kohl-lined eyes (think Elizabeth Taylor in the title role).

Even today eyeliner still has mass appeal by women of all ages.  But the most amazing thing about eyeliner is that the way we wear it has not changed over thousands of years. It remains extraordinarily consistent.

So what does eyeliner do for the eyes?

If you’re applying top eyeliner, it will make your eyelashes look fuller but if drawn too thick can overpower the eyes and make them look smaller.  If you’re applying bottom eyeliner, this will help accentuate your eye color.  But the problem with bottom eyeliner is that it smudges and smears easily and once smudged it looks like really bad under eye circles.  Lastly, if you’re going to line the top and bottom you can create a completely different shape of the eyes.  But if you apply it to heavy you’ll get that Rocky Raccoon look.

With all that said, I believe the best way to get that dressed up look and reap all of the benefits of eyeliner is through Permanent Makeup.


Eyeliner is one of my most requested procedures.  With this procedure I would design a look that best fits your needs.  Thin, thick, top, bottom or both, we would sit together and come up with a plan.  That plan would include color, thickness and shape.  Or maybe the most popular, yet very subtle look of the Eyelash Line Enhancement may be for you.  This is where I place brown, black/brown or black between your lashes on your lash line.  This procedure gives your lashes the appearance of having darker and thicker lashes that accentuate the white in your eyes and falls in line with what I discussed in my last blog “The No Makeup Look”.

This beauty enhancement will have all the girls asking “What’s your secret for those amazing eyes?” (Shhh!!!! I’ll never tell.)    

Whatever look you decide, once completed you won’t have to worry about applying your own eyeliner for a couple years.    Putting on eyeliner every morning gets tiresome and time consuming.  Permanent makeup could alleviate that problem for you.

Enjoy everyone!  Have a great summer.