Medical Restoration

Areola repigmentation medical restoration by Beauty Bar Permanent Cosmetics & Beauty Treatment Center Beauty EverLastingMedical Restoration offers patients the opportunity for restoration through camouflaging and repigmentation of the skin from the affects of alopecia, cancers, burns, and also breast and areola reconstruction. Imperfect skin tone can be restored by using matching color pigment. As with other procedures, several treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired result. Areola restoration is for women who have undergone reconstructive breast surgery, or where a younger-looking areola is desired.


The Areola Restoration Procedure is an advanced permanent makeup procedure that corrects the color, size and shape of the nipple.  This procedure gives women the choice of shape, size and color of the areola and recreates perfectly symmetrical and naturally colored nipples.

This procedure uses pigments, to create an illusion of nipple protrusion with a realistic areola on a breast mound without additional the surgery. It is also beneficial to clients who simply have irregular or fading areolas, or prefer larger areolas following breast augmentation.    At Beauty EverLasting we will determine the right shades & tones to match each individual’s natural skin tones. Once the procedure is completed and the coming weeks, the color will lighten and soften as skin heals over the pigmented area. 

We understand the sensitivity of these procedures and we will be with you every step of the way from consultation through the healing process.