LashDip semi-permanent professional lash coat

Beauty Everlasting Semi-permanent professional eyelash coatThe world’s most perfect coat of mascara. A revolutionary, new semi-permanent professional eyelash coat performed exclusively in the finest Spas & Salons – The Future of EYELASH ENHANCEMENT

LashDip is an innovative cosmetic application that is poised to revolutionize the mascara industry. “Dipping” your lashes just once allows you to maintain gorgeous, beautifully sculpted, semi-permanent painted lashes for up to six weeks!

  • Low Maintenance, High Style
  • Wake Up Beautiful
  • Cut Your Makeup Routine In Half
  • No Hassling With Mascara
  • Shower, Swim, Sweat


LashDip is more than your typical eyelash color formula — it goes beyond even the most perfect application of mascara to provide color and enhancement you don’t have to fight with.


LashDip…The Answer to Lush Lower Lashes!

One of the most predominant issues women experience when it comes to mascara is with the lower lashes. Whether their struggle is difficulty in application, the time consuming process involved to avoid clumping, or the inevitable raccoon eye dilemma by days end, many women find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to forgo the eye opening effect created by enhancing their lower lashes with mascara.

How Is LashDip Different From Other Treatments On The Market?
LashDip must be applied by certified salon professionals. It cannot be done at home. The salon technician applying the treatment has been trained over a two day time frame. In many states, he or she will also be a licensed aesthetician. LashDip adds volume, increases length, provides lift, curve & separation – similar to that of traditional mascara – but it won’t smudge or wash off for weeks! Lash growth enhancers will give you growth and fortitude, but will not provide the lush cosmetic finish of LashDip.

How Long Will LashDip Last?
The semi-permanence of LashDip is the result of an innovative formula and application technique. The enhanced finish LashDip provides to your lashes can last up to six weeks. Individual results are dependent upon the rate at which ones natural lashes grow, and properly following prescribed home care. Typical results are four to six weeks. At two to three weeks, we recommend a follow-up visit with your LashDip technician for a “LashRefresh” appointment. Proper maintenance will help extend the life of LashDip during each treatment period.

What are the Possible Side Effects of LashDip?
On rare occasion, a mild stinging sensation may occur during application if the client opens their eyes. Sensation ceases within a few seconds after eyes are closed. Redness of the eye may occur immediately following procedure but disappears within a few minutes.

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