Beauty CAN be Skin Deep

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer weather.Blog 3.1
Lying by the pool or on the beach, soaking up the sun with friends and family, it doesn’t get better than that.    And don’t forget to bring and use your sun screen and drink plenty of water.  It’s important for women of all ages to take care of your skin.

We all like the feel of the warmth and the light of the sun radiating on our skin but we also know too much can be harmful.  You never want to overdo it.   I just hate getting a sun burn.   It leads to peeling and blotchy skin.  You find it hard to cover it up with makeup.  You peel and skin is flaking all over the place.  It’s a nasty mess.  And it takes a couple weeks before you get your skin back to normal.

So why go through that?  I guess we are just gluttons for punishment.  Sorry I’m getting off track.

My point here is to have everyone enjoy the summer sun and keep looking beautiful while we’re doing it.  An important factor of it is to know what type of skin we have and what we need to do to take care of it.

Here’s how skin types vary based on one of the most common methods of classifying skin types, “The Fitzpatrick Scale”.  They are white (Type 1 – which always burns), beige (Type 2 – usually burn & tans with difficulty), light brown (Type 3 – sometimes burns, slow tanning), medium brown (Type 4 – rarely burns, fast tanning), dark brown (Type 5 – rarely burns, fast and easy tanning) and black (Type 6 – almost never burns, fast and dark tanning).

Just to give a little more clarity here are some examples of people with these skin types:
White – Anne Hathaway, Beige – Jennifer Aniston, Light Brown – Sandra Bullock, Medium brown – Jessica Alba, Dark Brown – Beyoncé  and Black – Naomi Campbell.

Which type do you see yourself in?

Blog 3.2Once that’s determined, you can then figure out what you need to protect your skin.  The lower the number on the Fitzpatrick Scale the higher the SPF is needed.  Always choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection (UVA & UVB).  UVA rays can cause the skin to age premature and UVB rays cause sunburn.  Use sunscreen year round and don’t let any product lull you into a false sense of security about sun exposure.  A combination of sunscreen and common sense is your best bet.

So now that I shared that let’s get back to enjoying our summer and being beautiful.   If you have questions for me, feel free to call me.

And I’ll close today with our motto here at Beauty EverLasting which is

                                     “Lasting Beauty for a Beautiful You!”

The “No Makeup Look” A New Trend???

NomakeupHello again everyone, I wanted to share with you some thoughts around one of the latest trends in the Beauty industry.  I came across an article a few weeks ago in the New York Times Fashion & Style section (May 7th), “Beauty Unmasked for All to See — No-Makeup Look As a New Beauty Standard”.

It talks about the “no-makeup look as the new beauty standard” and raised the question of whether going bare-faced makes you more confident and authentic.  Well, it might, especially for those referenced in the article like Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Most seemed to be under 30 with pretty terrific looking skin, lush brows and lashes, and naturally rosy lips and cheeks.

As I read this article, someone who would never walk out of the house without some makeup, I realized this trend falls in line with what Beauty EverLasting preaches.

The key to wearing makeup is this: Less Is More.  

It’s not about hiding our imperfections, but enhancing our natural beauty.   Just a little bit of lipstick or blush can make any woman feel prettier, which in turn, makes us feel more confident.

PC picThat’s why I think permanent makeup falls right in line with this so called “new trend”.  When someone comes to me wanting permanent cosmetics, I look at their complete picture.  Their face, their smile, their symmetry and take that and provide them with enough makeup to bring out their own natural beauty.  You would be amazed at how just a tweak to your eyebrow shape or alignment of your lips will bring out a new you.   You can also add to that some natural coloring to bring out your best features.  You’ll love this look and you will end up falling right in line with this trend, “the no-makeup look”.

The beauty of this is once its done, you won’t need to put on makeup every day. Granted over time, permanent makeup fades but you can always comeback for a touch up.

Beauty trends will come and go.  But as women, whatever our age, we will always wear makeup in a way that will make us feel pretty and confident to face the world.   So if you have any questions on this give me a call.

That’s all for now.  Until next time… 

BE Beautiful everyone!

And have a Happy Memorial Day!!!