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Brenda Wolk

Brenda is the owner & founder of Beauty EverLasting, a premier Permanent Cosmetics Clinic and Training Academy in central New Jersey. Providing “Lasting Beauty” for all of her clients is a goal that she consistently thrives for and stresses her students to achieve. Brenda & Beauty EverLasting offers a wealth of experience, continued education, and the most advanced state of the art digital equipment in permanent cosmetics.   

Being in business since 2006, Brenda has learned that success doesn’t  come to you; you have to work for it. Through those years, she has performed thousands of successful permanent cosmetics procedures and specializes in soft natural cosmetic designs that give each client a fresh and youthful appearance for years to come.

Beauty EverLasting is a licensed institute with an approved training program by the American Academy of Micropigmentation(AAM) & Brenda is a certified trainer member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) .  She is one of only few trainers in the industry to have these two distinctions.  As part of these achievements, she completed the stringent requirements set by SPCP & the AAM to become an accredited training institute in the field of permanent cosmetics.  She is only the second SPCP certified trainer in the state of New Jersey.  The training course offered by Beauty EverLasting follows all SPCP guidelines which are the highest in the permanent cosmetics industry. The SPCP is the largest international organization in the permanent cosmetics industry.  Brenda is a looked at as an expert in the field from all her peers and acts as a subject matter expert for the SPCP. Many permanent cosmetic professionals reach out to her for information about different procedures and techniques. Brenda has also received an award from the SPCP for her article on “Men & Permanent Cosmetics”.

Brenda Wolk-Certified Permanent Cosmetic ProfessionalBrenda successfully passed the National Certification Exam to which gave her the distinction of earning the highest certification in the industry of Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional as well as a Certified Micropigmentation Instructor (CMI) with the American Academy of Micropigmentation. Brenda has been in the business for over 10 years and performed over 5000 permanent cosmetics procedures during that time. Through those years Brenda accumulated hundreds of hours in advanced training and continued education.

Click here for a list of Brenda’s credentials & advanced training courses.

She received advanced training with many industry leaders. They include: Dr. Linda Dixon the President of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, Karen Betts, UK’s leading and most reputable permanent cosmetics artists and Rose Marie Beauchemin, world-recognized expert in the field of permanent cosmetics from the Beau Institute.  This training included advance camouflaging, areola, scars and correction techniques.

This work is very personal and Brenda loves working with people and seeing each client’s become more confident and even more beautiful is very satisfying to her. (See “Testimonials” for client comments) She truly enjoys the relationships that she develops with her clients and follows them every step of the way through the process – from their initial consultation to the final finishing touches.

Brenda has worked with a gamut of client types (all ages, every race and gender) and although her skill set with permanent cosmetics is vast, the greatest expertise she possesses revolves around the world of personal training. Brenda’s wish is to combine her knowledge and experience in this area, to provide future permanent cosmetic technicians with a solid foundation for them to build their own businesses.

Brenda is a true “Student of the Game”, the game being the beauty industry. She believes a teacher should become the most ardent student of all, much more than her actual students. It’s important to her to know all aspects of the industry. Learning about one segment of the business is never enough. Searching out answers and expanding her knowledge is a constant for her because the more she knows the more her students will know.

Being the best in her field is an endeavor Brenda will continue towards. Seeing the happy faces of all her clients and students is the reward that always makes it all worthwhile

Brenda’s services are recommended by many prominent physicians and plastic surgeons.

They include:

Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D., F.A.C.S., founder of  Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery.  He established the Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery with the vision of bringing patients advanced treatments and techniques to help them restore and maintain a more youthful appearance.  Dr. Goldfarb is a highly sought after Surgeon who lectures and trains physicians both nationally and internationally on numerous cosmetic, surgical and aesthetic laser topics. As a result of his renown reputation and expertise, Richard M. Goldfarb, MD, FACS has been awarded the Medical Directorship of the following 3 leading companies in the Cosmetic and Laser Industries: The Silhouette Lift®, Selphyl®, and Viora™. Dr. Goldfarb pioneered the technique to combine the Silhouette Lift with fat transfer and Selphyl® for total facial rejuvenation now known as “The Goldfarb Procedure”

Dr. Cristopher Sciales the owner of Livingston Dermatology Associates in Livingston, New Jersey and the owner of Warren Dermatology Associates.  Dr. Sciales is on the medical staff of Overlook Hospital and Morristown Hospital .  He is currently Clinical Instructor at Saint Barnabas and the East Orange Veterans Administration Medical Center Hospitals.  Livingston Dermatology is known to be one of the leading providers of Botox in the entire state.  Recognized as a national education faculty member for Allergan,  Dr. Sciales teaches other physicians proper administration techniques for BOTOX. He also is featured  by New Beauty magazine as one of the premier dermatologists  in New Jersey.